We are Gerrit & Joke, two 30-ish people with a passion for hospitality!  About 3 years ago, in September 2018, we met at a job where we worked together for 2 weeks and we had such a blast together that we stayed in touch afterwards and became friends; the best of friends. Joke started another job in 2019 and Gerrit stayed at the one where they met. In 2020 Gerrit quit his job to go on a new adventure to the other side of the world. But then miss Rona decided otherwise. So we ended up working together again at another job for about 1,5 years.


In the summer of 2021 we started talking about our dream to open up our own place. And it turned out we had the exact same idea and vibe. Due to some personal things and an extremely busy summer we forgot about it again though. 

Fast forward to 2022, the year we decided it was time to actually start looking for a place and quit our jobs. 


PS: picture is made by Kenneth Goossenaerts